📆 Time: July 20th, 03:00 AM (GMT+0)

📍 Venue: Discord Stage channel (Click here to join)

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❓Answer pre-collected questions

The Mask ecosystem is shifting from development from the official to integration works by community developers. Does this shift mean that Mask does not developing new features? Also, whether there are any ways to manage this new mode, such as the approval of new applications that want to be integrated into Mask Network, should it go through community review, and allow token holders to vote? Should we have a reward system for the integration? Also, in terms of marketing, how do we use the social aspect of Mask Network to attract users to use the newly-integrated features? Are there any marketing plans about that?

(Yisi) Mask Network is not shifting from official development to integrating community works. What Mask is trying to build, is a dapp market, which will be released in the Mask…

Written by Megan Aw

Web 3.0. It’s a common term in the twenty-first century, but what exactly does it mean? For the millennials, web 3.0 seems too early for its time; for the Gen Zs, it amounts to nothing more than the meteoric rise and fall of the occasional “joke”…

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